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What resolution do I need to reproduce my photo in print?

The rule of thumb that most people use is to scan at twice the line screen that you will print (a quality factor of 2). Most publications (magazines, brochure etc.), use at least 150ls which means you probably need at least 300dpi for most publications.

For large format inkjet print a resolution of 100dpi is fine.

What is the difference between a drum scanner and other scanners?

Drum scanners use a technology known as photo-multiplier tubes (PMT's) rather than charged coupling devices (CCD's) to convert light waves into electronic data.

PMT's capture a longer smoother tonal range than CCD's and therefore can produce an image that is much nearer to the original.

Generally, drum scanners have superior optical systems with better lenses and more consistent light sources, than there flatbed counterpart. Although this is starting to change with very high end flatbed scanners, drum scanners are still the best technology for colour scanning, Capsu DigiScan use Crosfield scanners.

What is the largest original we can scan?

We can scan any size original up to 500mm x 680mm

Why do some colors like bright blue and bright red look different in CMYK and in RGB?

RGB (visual light) has more colors than CMYK (printed inks) this is most apparent in very vibrant reds, blues and greens. Likewise monitors which are RGB devices are not good at accurately displaying cyan and magenta.

In other words, there are, unfortunately some colors you just can not reproduce with standard four color printing.







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A Crossfield Celsis high end drum scanner reproduce all scanned images. Every colour slide from 35mm to 10inch x 8inch are mounted in oil to achieve maximum sharpness. Prints and original artwork need to be of a ‘flexible’ mount so that they wrap around a drum cylinder.

Maximum original size is 500mm x 680mm. Every image is checked in Photoshop and minor blemishes removed before being stored on CD-Rom or DVD disc or in a format of your choice.

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